April 1, 2014

Pilot Shows Off Skills Over Greece’s Corinth Canal

Hungarian pilot performs aerobatics whilst flying through Greece’s Corinth canal on Wednesday. Peter Besenyei, 57, glides over the canal, which lies between walls just 21.4 metres apart (via Guardian)

April 1, 2014

Ukraine Orchestra Plays EU Anthem in Honour of Fallen Maidan Protesters

Some 500 classical musicians performed for passengers at airports across Ukraine on Sunday, in tribute to the protesters killed during the violent clashes with security forces that ultimately led to President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing the country. (via Telegraph)

April 1, 2014

Saving Kosovo’s ‘Restaurant Bears’

Wild bears are still exploited in central Europe, taken from the wild as cubs and often kept in appalling conditions. Patrick Barkham travels to Kosovo, where the Four Paws charity has rescued bears kept in cages at restaurants as entertainment for diners. They are now being cared for at a sanctuary, where vets hope to treat the physically and mentally scarred bears, and where one is castrated to prevent him from breeding and perpetuating the problem of bears in captivity (via Guardian)

March 29, 2014

Ukraine: Somersaults on Top of Kiev’s Moscow Suspension Bridge

Footage released by free runner James Kingston shows him illegally scaling one of the towers of the Moscow suspension bridge over the river Desyonka in Kiev, Ukraine. The bridge is well-known in urban exploration circles, as the cables are easy to access. Kingston, from Southampton, climbs the bridge, performs a stunt with his fellow climber Mustang Wanted where he hangs off the side of the bridge, then does a somersault on the top of the tower. After the incredibly dangerous and ill-advised stunt, on their descent they are arrested by police (via Guardian)

March 16, 2014

French Artist Uses Precision Skills to Paint Prosthetic Eyes

Millions of people around the world need prosthetic eyes to replace the ones lost to accidents or congenital disorders.  A French miniature artist has devoted his skill in detailed painting to help create prosthetic eyes that look very natural. (Voice Of America)

March 16, 2014

Two Germans Demonstrate How German Actually Sounds Compared to How Foreigners Imagine It

Apparently, German isn’t the gruff, angry-sounding language that the stereotypes would have us believe. Shocking, I know… (via 22 Words)

March 15, 2014

Norwegian Seven-Year-Old Has the Voice and Soul of Billie Holiday

A seven-year-old girl showed up on Norway’s Got Talent this week and unleashed a whiskey-soaked deep-blues rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday.”

Angelina Jordan Astar told a Norwegian television station she speaks English and “understood [the song] very well.”

"I felt something special about it, it’s hard to explain in words. When I sang it for my mom, she said that this song is nice, but it was incredibly sad song." (via Gawker)

March 15, 2014

Finland Snow Swimming, Freestyle Face Plow Championship

Known for little else, Finland has produced the world’s first snow swimming champion. Not to be mistaken with America’s SNOW swimming team, this sport literally combines the Scandinavian snow with a short freestyle swim.

It doesn’t appear the focus is on technique, other than to flail and plow snow with one’s face while wearing a tiny bathing suit. This sport will, however, make good use for the one other thing that Finland is known for: the sauna. (via HyperVocal)

March 15, 2014

Russian Teen Sets Himself On Fire and Jumps Off Roof Just for Kicks

Just because the Sochi Olympics are officially, finally over doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye to the extraordinarily weird crap that goes down in Russia. So let us pay homage to this Russian teen who made the bold decision to set himself on fire and jump off a roof into a snow bank. (via HyperVocal)

Obviously, you *really* shouldn’t try this at home.

March 15, 2014

Norway Fans in Awesome Sherlock Sketch

Two Sherlock-obsessed Norwegian TV executives have cooked up what must be the best parody yet of the BBC’s updated Holmes and Watson series.

Their skit, titled ‘Oklahomo’, riffs on the way the series plays with the question of Holmes’ sexuality, while perfectly taking off the quick-fire deduction and verbal brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes, all shot with the same jerky camera movements used in the BBC’s brilliant production. (via The Local)

WARNING: not safe for work

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